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A Life Worth Dying For.

A colleague once asked me, “how did you manage the fear of death?” The answer is fairly simple. Life has pain and ends with death. The question is, what are you going to do about it? You see the secret is to stare that reality right in the face and smile. Because you’ve found something that makes it worth it. A noble cause to serve overrides futility with intrinsic purpose. A purpose greater than yourself to advance virtuous principle through action with faith that it matters. By committing to growth through suffering to become more capable. More capable to achieve more, and through achievement what we can do and leave behind for each other. This makes a quality life. Measure the days through quality not quantity because we don’t control the number anyways. Many grow old but don’t live a single day. They die having never discovered who they are and that is the true tragedy...To leave the temporal world having only served your own self preservation is more tragic than dying earlier than had hoped but with a heart full of passion, love, and at peace. This picture was taken in a land far, far away. It makes me smile because I feel free when I look at it. I had never been more alive than right here, the first one. Blessed to do the job we love, with those we love, for what we love. And that is something worth living for, even if only for a moment. So drink tonight, for tomorrow we ride. “Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back.” -Marcus Aurelius. #faith #life #death #adventure #commitment#purpose #livefreeordie #veteran #culture#mindset #free #reflect #think #pray #fight#love #win #fear #courage #navy#oneteamonefight #neverforgotten#wednesdaywisdom #frogman#remembereveryonedeployed#supportourveterans #nooneleftbehind


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