Jason Kuhn

Culture.  Mental Skills.  Results.

Jason is a former Navy SEAL Team Leader, with a Master's in Business Global Leadership and a passion for building team chemistry.  He pitched for a top 25 nationally ranked NCAA baseball team prior to joining the Navy following the attacks on 9/11.


He is a highly sought after keynote speaker and considered an expert in leadership development providing keynotes, consulting services, and team building across the country. 

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Clients have included:  

Bank of America, Planet Fitness, Harley Davidson, Nixon Peabody LLP, Arthur J. Gallagher, PC Connections, Southwestern Investment, Auto Fair, Porch Light Equity, Shore Capital, TN Association of Defense Lawyers, and many more!  

Featured Clients

And Many More!

My team is still raving about the message.  Jason is a must engagement for any organization.  The message contained real world  processes from a Navy SEAL that  every business needs.  Our team walked away focused, energized, and ready to embrace any challenge.  He makes people better."

Ryan Isaacs, Area President
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Jason’s insights to our team of top performers were a compelling call to action.  The lessons learned in Navy SEAL training and on the battlefield were translated to the corporate world in a clear and relatable way.  Great to see that Jason has found another way to serve his country!

Ken Sheldon
Bank of America NH President

Jason Kuhn is a ‘must have’ if you’re interested in getting your team’s attention and then delivering rock solid advice on leadership principles and handling adversity.


Jason’s extraordinary story and straightforward delivery was enthusiastically received by all in our company, and the line of folks stopping by my office thanking me for bringing him in has been long!"

Bill Whistler 
CEO Shook Construction

A heartfelt and very effective presentation to our top advisors.  Each member of our team was inspired!   Your lessons on how to help focus on the things that we can control, why it is important to commit to serving others, and how to embrace adversity to win big- will help our team excel!

Jeff Dobyns 

CEO Southwestern Investment Group

A life changing day.

We loved how he was able to incorporate our core values into his message and relate them to his own experiences.  There is no doubt in our minds we will be a better team because of today.  

Planet Fitness 

"With a large and diverse group of men and women on our team, Jason delivered a message that will long live with  our culture.


His real world examples of mental toughness, stories of success and failure resonated. I had countless people follow up with me that they were not only inspired from the day but want to embrace the message and live it!


Jason was able to understand our team’s history and relate it to his own.

His lessons are what is needed for any good organizations to become great!”

Mike McGivney

VP Allen Edwin Homes

Fundamental 1: Live Your Mission

Winners know who they are, what they want, and why they want it.  Learn to drown the critics and have the courage to face the odds by focusing on "why" not "if".  Know your core values.  Know the mission.  Be convicted in the mission.   

Fundamental 2: Commitment

Commitment is a decision to discipline ourselves to fundamental principle in the face of uncontrollable circumstance.  Desire fuels discipline.  Discipline is the road to reach desire.  Every action needs a motivation.  Learn to create committed employees through empowerment, incentivizing, and transparency.  

Fundamental 3: Mental Toughness

Reflection from a gunfight:  Mental Toughness is the ability to interrupt the cause and effect cycle and insert thought and action that produce value.  Learn to thrive in adversity with confidence in any situation.

Fundamental 4: The Team First Mind

Brotherhood doesn't mean we always agree.  It means we set aside our differences to serve a greater cause.  No one is ever greater than the mission.  Learn the individual performance value in choosing service over status.  

Fundamental 5: Leadership

A helicopter crash placed Jason in early position of leadership.   Learn combat tested fundamentals of leadership through Jason's experiences of success and failures leading men on special operations.  Principles designed to create autonomous leaders who take ownership of results and proactively inspire through connection and developing relationships. 

Fundamental 6: Communication

Developing relationships and creating connection may be the most important element of culture and performance. Learn to accountability by attacking problems not people and fundamental principles to calm and confident communication in high stress environments.  

Fundamental 7: Desire to Win.

Learn how to create an organic motivation each and every day to absolutely crush the competition with an unchanging standard.  The pro-active vs. reactive mind.  

Fundamental 8: High Pressure Performance

The heart starts racing...learn a 3 step mental checklist to regaining composure and produce confidence prior to execution.  Developed with a MLB player.  Works for presentations, sales teams, and any high pressure situation.

Fundamental 9: Failure Analyzation

Don't waste your pain.  A unique approach to processing failure by a guy who has failed over and over again. Failure exists necessarily in an effort to increase ability.   It is an opportunity to make ourselves better.  We must embrace what we hate as tool. 

Fundamental 10: Never Quit

Break big things into small pieces.  Learn the mentalities of those who made it through Navy SEAL training vs. those who did not.  One critical step changed my life.  Quitting is not unethical.  It's also not worth it.  Do the next right thing.  

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