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The Nationally Acclaimed Fundamentals of Winning Program

Culture.  Mental Toughness.  Results



  • Setting a Relentless Standard

  • What is Toughness?

  • How to Create Courage

  • Establish Player and Team Identity

  • Understand Sources of Confidence 

  • Commitment Defined.

  • How to be Mentally Tough

  • The Team First Mind

  • Team Leadership 

  • Communication and Accountability

  • Relentless Desire to Win

  • High Pressure Performance

  • Failure Analyzing

  • How to Never Quit

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Max Preps #1 in Nation


Philosophy: Elite Performance is an ability to relentlessly execute fundamentals under extreme stress. 

The Fundamentals of Winning exist in 3 categories.


1) How we execute action (mechanical)

2) How we think (mindset)

3) How we interact with our teammates (culture). 

Learn the 14 Fundamentals of Winning in a classroom setting. Each Fundamental is supported through a real world experience from being pinned down in a gunfight, witnessing a helicopter crash, swimming through a great white shark breeding ground and many more. Each term is clearly defined with translations made to directly to its application in the sport. Players gain skills they can immediately apply to both the game and personal lives. 

"Our players and coaches were so engaged you could hear a pin drop!"  -Vernell Brown Director of Player Development University of Florida

Application Drills


On Field Training

Experiential learning through application. Players learn to execute under pressure by competing with consequences for failure. The 14 Fundamentals are ingrained into the drills as the team bonds through the a three hour team building workout. Players learn to focus through distraction and are placed in unfair situations to invoke disappointment while learning valuable responses to overcome common adversities faced during the season. Team captains are placed in pro-active roles and players come together at the end to compete as one team, one fight for their alma mater in the Tire Flip Challenge. 

This is not a judgment day or dangerous military training. It is a professional team building and performance training program created by top tier special operators and former athletes. Hundreds of high schools, including Max Preps #1 nationally ranked teams and elite college programs across the country trust Stonewall Solutions for their premier pre-season event and in season consulting

"Absolutely first class, one of the best team building exercises I've ever seen."
 University of Houston Baseball

The Tire Flip Challenge 

One team. One Fight. Can you be the fastest team in the country?.

Compete across the nation for the best time! 

College Title

Lee University Baseball: 1.24
GT Softball:  1.51.00

High School Title

Riverdale Warriors Baseball: 1.30.36
Appling County W. Soccer: 2.21.00

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