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In the Teams, we NEVER LEAVE OUR SWIM BUDDY.  We care more about our teammate's life than we do our own.  In the mentorship program, we value our client's success in the same way.

The wars following 9/11 have provided a unique opportunity for operators to return home forged with lessons learned in mental toughness and leadership development.


The Mentorship Program instructors come from the highest experiences of special operations. They are absolute pros in human performance, having lived what they teach. It is the next level in performance training for any serious athlete or corporate executive. In the arena, there is but one rule; It pays to be a winner. 


Private Performance Training:  Athletes, Business Leaders, Coaches, Young Adults

  • Master The Fundamentals of Winning Curriculum.

  • Operate and lead with confidence in high stress environments.

  • Full time access, weekly meetings, private videos, a trusted "behind the scenes" source.

If you are interested in training with Jason specifically on yips relief, please visit

The performance training curriculum created by Jason Kuhn is considered by many to be the best in the country. Jason and his team lead by Director of Performance Training Sean Kenagy work with corporate executives and top tier athletes operating in high stress environments. They also provide mentorship to young adults looking for guidance in an increasingly difficult world. They consult on specific challenges unique to the client and work them through The FundaMentals of Winning, one lesson at a time until mastery is achieved.

Private mentorship is a deep dive into the curriculum with life changing results as you will see below. It is a must engagement for all those who compete for a living. Lessons provide more depth and guidance than a public keynote presentation. Training is provided individually or organizationally. Our aim is not to work indefinitely while continuously unpacking your feelings. It is to train you how to compete effectively in the midst of uncertainty and high consequence, utilizing world class experience until you don't need us anymore. Each meeting is recorded and uploaded into a private dropbox folder for the client to keep. 

The gap - We appreciate the value sports psychologists bring to athletic and corporate organizations. However, many have not personally put their body and central nervous system through an inordinate amount of stress, nor have they lead teams. They can’t speak from relation which makes it difficult to build trust with the competitor through a mutually earned respect and articulate textbook theory to practical use in the arena.


Mentorship Instructors are highly experienced special operators. This is not in your face style motivation. This is top tier training through a linear and proven curriculum developed by men whose lives depended on their ability to perform in a moment's notice in unforgiving environments.

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Primarily, we work unilaterally to increase human performance through our own FundaMentals of Winning Curriculum working one on one or with the entire organization. However, we can also work with your team's mental skills coach to connect the dots from theory to practical application in highly stressful environments. 

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another"  
-Proverbs 27:17


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"I've learned a lot from him and applied it to my game. He has the tools to help anyone who is willing to learn how to win.  Our training together was featured in The NY Times after it produced tremendous results for me on the field."

MLB Player Garrett Jones

"Jason Kuhn changed my perspective on life, on everything. From the point that I started working with him, the goal of getting back to the Big Leagues became realistic. He saved my career."

2021 World Series Champion Tyler Matzek

Jason and Tyler's work together was covered in Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, ESPN and several other major media outlets.


Read Tyler's incredible comeback story here:

 "How Tyler Matzek..."

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“It (working with Jason Kuhn) freed my brain, my mind and my stroke up … it’s actually become fun again to go practice, to go play, to actually putt instead of being fearful. It’s been a life-changer for me so far.

PGA Tour Back to Back Champion Lucas Glover

Click here to read the full CNN Sports Article

Young Adult Mentorship

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"The impact on my family has been life changing. The phenomenal success is incredible. Thank you!"

Michael Grondahl

Co-Founder of Planet Fitness

Corporate Leaders Mentorship

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I highly recommend Jason as a  coach for any organization looking to build better people and improve the way people work together. His experiences as an elite Navy SEAL, combined with his ability to explain ideals in a thoughtful and compelling way, make him an excellent choice to help any organization. He has made our organization better at working in teams and each of us mentally tougher and better able to handle the stress of our work.

Phil Taub Managing Partner Nixon Peabody LLP

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"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jason Kuhn for over four years. I would highly recommend him to any organization that is looking to improve their leadership, teamwork, or ability to execute the fundamentals of winning. He is a skilled motivational speaker and trainer, whose knowledge and life experiences can easily be applied to the corporate environment."

Tim McGrath CEO Connection IT


"Jason is a must engagement for any organization. The message contained real world processes from a Navy SEAL that every business needs. We are focused, energized and ready to embrace any challenge. He makes people better."

Ryan Isaacs Arthur J Gallagher & Co

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