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Our Mission

Our mission ​is to provide the most effective mindset, leadership development and team building services available by utilizing real world experiences and unapologetically challenging the status quo. There is a lot of group think and popularized tag lines when it comes to leadership and mental toughness. But beyond social media, what does it really take to lead according the specific dynamics of an organization? How do we achieve success when we feel broken in the face of overwhelming odds?


As you'll see in our bios, Sean and Jason know how to start from the bottom and build their way to the top. Through years of reflection and refinement, they share their skills learned through The FundaMentals of Winning Curriculum.

Our team


Jason Kuhn


Jason Kuhn is a former Navy SEAL and Division 1 Baseball player. After the Navy, he continued to deploy to combat zones performing sensitive operations in support of government agency requirements until finding a renewed purpose in team building. 


He is the founder of Stonewall Solutions, Yips Free (see and soon to be The Guardian Foundation - a non-profit focused on mentoring the fatherless youth of America.


He has worked with hundreds of corporate teams and athletic organizations across the country over the last decade, delivering keynote presentations and consulting in mental performance, team building programs and leadership development.


  • M.S. Business Global Leadership

  • B.A. Business Administration.

  • Navy SEAL Sniper / Assault Reconnaissance Team Lead

  • Special Agent in support of Government Agencies


After a devastating and embarrassing ending to his promising baseball career, he joined the Navy shortly after the World Trade Center attacks.


Utilizing his experiences in both success and failure he created The Fundamentals of Winning Curriculum to train competitors how to become elite in high stress environments.


His training has been featured in Fox Sports, CNN Sports, Sports Illustrated, The NY Times, Yahoo Sports, The Golf Channel, and many others after helping professional athletes rise from failure, regain their careers and win championships at the highest levels.


With endorsements from PGA Tour Champions, World Series Champions, Corporate and Legal Executives and renowned sports psychologists, many consider him to be the best performance coach in the country


Sean Kenagy

Director of Performance Coaching

Sean Kenagy brings unparalleled experience and world class knowledge in human performance to our clients. He is a 23 year veteran of the SEAL Teams. His reputation in the special operations community is held in the highest regard not only for his tactical achievements but also his ability to lead and mentor some of the world's top tier operators in a Special Missions Unit.


He is one of the absolute best to have come through Naval Special Warfare, recently retiring as a Senior Chief Development Group Team Leader.


  • B.S. Organizational Leadership

  • Navy SEAL Sniper / Platoon Leader

  • Naval Special Warfare Developmental Group Team Lead

  • 23 Year Veteran / Senior Chief 


After an injury forced him out of his initial BUD/S class - the selection and training program for aspiring SEALs, Sean refused to give up on his dream.  


He stayed determined while in the Navy fleet rehabilitating his injury and fought his way back into a training class. He went on to achieve the highest levels of success in the special operations community.


He was Jason Kuhn's mentor in the Teams. Together, they conducted about 70 operations with Sean guiding Jason in tactical acuity and leadership along the way after casualties sustained in a helicopter crash limited the experience level of deployable operators in the platoon. 


His performance and mentorship in one of the wold's most elite special operations units earned great respect from his peers and those he has lead into harms way. He is now using his knowledge to mentor clients in our 1-1 and group training programs via The FundaMentals of Winning Curriculum

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