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The Process of Failure Analyzation

Failure. Otherwise known as the hardest piece of adversity. Most of us have been told “it’s a part of the process.” Great!…but what does that mean? The process should be a constant evolution of becoming better. Everyone has failed. Everyone will again, or at least you should if you’re after something you’ve never had, so let’s use failure to our advantage. If your goal or vision..or…what you want is set high enough, it requires you to put forth more effort than currently feels reasonable. This is what they call the “comfort zone.” I don’t like calling it that because I like to think of effort as limitless vs. a measure of comfortability. It’s not about labeling effort and patting ourselves on the back… it’s about how hard can I actually go. It’s about actually running until you puke then running harder, it’s about actually fighting through 5.5 days without sleep for your brother because what we want is worth it. I like to think of it as relentless instead of some sort of zone of comfortability, because I have felt the reward of relentless effort. Maybe relentless is what some would call uncomfortable, but for champions, it’s where we live. It’s where we want to be, because it means we’re right where we’re supposed to be. If we want something bad enough to live relentless, than we’re honoring our God given passion. Get where you’re supposed to be, be thankful for the fight, and you won’t measure yourself in zones. You’ll be in a pure state of relentless aggression because you’ll be in pursuit of your intrinsic passion. You’ll be in the fire, taking hits and moving forward while smiling at those who are sitting around talking about comfort zones and the latest 3 pillar process to the next bag of magic beans.

I never ask clients to do anything I haven’t. I know what it feels like to swim through the ocean at night with blood poured on me. I know what it feels like to enter a door not knowing what’s on the other side. I know what it feels like to be in a situation where you don’t have control of your own life or death…and may I say…It ain’t no zone, it requires a relentless, limitless effort that is absolutely awesome in it’s reward, but you’ve gotta have faith son. To hell with comfort zones. Being relentless in the face of failure doesn’t make us comfortable or uncomfortable. It makes us happy…because it feeds our soul. It’s how winning is done and It Pays To Be A Winner. Remember, the fun part about getting hit is…you get to hit back, so get out there and get some.

All Day. Everyday. Because It Pays To Be A Winner.

Failure Analyzation:

1) Identify Weakness

A. Increase Focus

B. Increase Effort

Example: You may be physically beat every play except the one that wins the game if,…you give 100% effort from beginning to end. I know I’ve seen it happen many times.

2) Identify Fundamental Inconsistency

A. Eliminate the inconsistency.

B. Continue to build fundamentally sound habit physically and mentally

Example: Dropping the ball because we did not watch it all the way into our hands

Example: Being selfish vs. selfless

3) Forgive yourself. Eyes up and on the next target.

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All Day. Everyday. For Each Other.

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