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How Focusing on Each Other increases Individual Performance.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. One of the first things I remember hearing during training. The circle plank teaches players mental toughness through application. The most valuable response in adversity is usually different from how we feel.

Players must shift focus. Adverse circumstance justifiably causes players to feel self pity, doubt, and fear of failure. Weak people allow feelings to dictate response.

Tough players respond with action of value regardless of how they feel. They recognize it is not just hard for them, but also for their teammates. They don't get through it. They lead through it.

Players learn to refuse self pity and shift focus from the uncontrollable adversity to the man next to them and encourage each other. By choosing to focus on each other and responding with action of value, they are choosing to be tough.

Toughness is simply a choice. Ordinary people do extraordinary things through an ability to control thought and action regardless of circumstance.

These men held the position longer than they originally thought by focusing on each other. Then they applied to the football. 29 wins later, they earned a Max Preps #1 National Ranking and tears of joy. Be tough. It's how winning is done and it pays to be a winner

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