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Is Our Cause Worth It

Independence High School Football goes from 1 playoff win to Max Preps #1 medium size school in Nation 15-0, Tn. 5A State Champions

Brotherhood does not mean we agree on everything. It means we choose to set our differences aside to serve a cause greater than ourselves. In war, this happens naturally in an effort to survive. In athletics, we have a choice, but our team must be worth it to us.

Is our team worth it? Will we run until we puke and then run faster? Will we build trust by pushing each other past our perceived limitations? You can't build new things inside of your comfort zone. Will we be defiant of self-pity, the odds, and other's beliefs about us in the midst of failure?..Will we allow those to justify our situation, or will we remain committed to fundamental principle in the face of heavy adversity and the road most traveled? Choose the hard path. Choose to fight back. Embrace the adversity. Learn through failure. Establish your unwavering team culture. Inspire each other. Make these your habit. You will fall back to the habit you have created when adversity hits, both as an individual and in team culture. Choose to be forged. It is not an easy path. The only easy day was yesterday...But it is worth it.

This holiday season may we remember the value in brotherhood and sisterhood. May we put our differences aside as we remember the power and joy found only in serving a Cause greater than ourselves.

Merry Christmas Teammates


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