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Yips Recovery

Find Freedom.  Love Playing.  

Frustration.  Confusion.  Hopelessness.  

"ETSU added six more in the eighth, mostly due to the ineffectiveness of MTSU reliever Jason Kuhn, who gave up all six runs, walking five and uncorking six wild pitches in just two-thirds of an inning...just one shy of the NCAA record."


I know.  I have been there.  

There is hope. There is freedom.

I have beat it. I've helped others beat it.


The "yips"  is hard to understand.

It's harder for athletes to explain.   

It is commonly misunderstood.


As such, it is often treated ineffectively.  

Even it's official name "performance anxiety" is misleading. 


I have seen yips occur with confident, mentally tough athletes.


In fact, I graduated from BUD/S - a Navy SEAL training course designed to test mental tenacity - with the yips.  You're not mentally weak.  


Just as we need a process to recover from a physical injury.  We must have a process to recover from mental injury.  

I have created a yips recovery process called "Ironing It Out"  


Ironing It Out has worked for the clients who have tried it.  Including myself. 

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