Response to COVID 19 created a remote work force almost overnight.  In order to survive companies had to adapt immediately. As a result, so did the individual.  There is valid anxiety ranging from the fear of the virus itself, to economic uncertainty, job security, and a host of challenges affecting both our personal and professional lives. 

The black and white picture is me.  It's not a staged photo.  We were a week into quarantine and my wife captured a real moment we can all relate to.  How do I explain to my kids why they can't go to school as they melt down 10 seconds before I need to join a Zoom chat.   Just as it's my turn to speak the dog barks or throws up...

We begin to wonder does anyone care? Can anyone tell I'm sitting in my car? Is my team even working?  Will we be in business in 3 months?  If so will I be a part of it?  My schedule keeps getting interrupted and I feel unproductive.  Now it's evening but I feel frustrated instead of engaged during family time...while everyone else seems so happy on social media...our thought cycle can be vicious if we don't know how to control it.  I was recently asked about some of these questions by Jack Heath of IHeart Radio.  A link to our conversation is below.

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There is a positive side.  Much of one actually.  Companies are finding they can save expense associated with on-site working and invest elsewhere.  Individuals are overwhelmingly claiming they are more productive at home and prefer to do so.  

Companies that can embrace the advantages of the new normal while solving the inherent challenges will thrive in adversity while others die.  As leaders we can choose to  hope for the best or fight and write our own story. This is the war leaders face.  

As a a good college pitcher I developed so much anxiety I could no longer pitch.  I learned how to overcome anxiety eventually becoming a sniper in special operations. Later due to casualties sustained in a helicopter crash, I was made a team leader.  I made many mistakes but learned fast through experience and mentorship from senior operators.   Below is an article I wrote on leadership just after the COVID 19 quarantine.

What you'll learn

  • Overcoming anxiety. 

  • Establishing a standard. 

  • How to replace fear with focus.

  • How to gain confidence in uncertainty.

  • What to do when things go wrong.

  • How to be mentally tough.

  • Time vs task management.

  • Accountability through a computer.

  • How to be team first from far away. 

  • Exploit the environment to advantage.

  • Adapt. Overcome. Dominate your space.


In addition, an article from Harvard Business suggests a "working from home relaunch to help their teams learn to reorient" and doing it regularly.  I am assisting executive leadership teams in this process


Since the quarantine, I've been able to provide motivation and instruction through virtual keynotes,  panel discussion, and consulting with companies such as Advance Partners Paychex, Connection IT, BANKW, Nixon Peabody LLP, Spartan Race and others. The reviews below indicate they are just as effective as live training and they're offered at reduced rates as the time and cost associated with travel is nonexistent.  

My game, my rules, and I always win.

Companies Investing in Virtual Team Building

Since the switch to the remote workforce, Advance Partners Paychex, BANKW, Connection IT, Spartan Race, Nixon Peabody LLP and others have invested in virtual sessions with Jason