Podcast 1: MLB Garrett Jones. Mental Skills Hitting Approach - Jason Kuhn
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New York Yankee Garrett Jones 
-Mental Toughness
-Faith and Conviction
-Hitting Approach
Elite Meet CEO / Navy SEAL John Allen
-Adapt and Overcome
-Overcoming being wounded by a grenade
-Finding Purpose through failure
TCS Post Grad Baseball Owner:   Logan Harrington
-Injured in Hellweek / Reconstructive Hip Surgery
-Walk On College Baseball Player
-Owner of TCS Post Grad
Dr. Phillip Campbell:  AD / Principle / Jostens
-Getting the big hit in 2001 NCAA Regional
-Athletic Director / Principal / Jostens Renaissance
-Leadership Advice for students and administrators
Gina Parris.  Love Your Life Win Your Game
- Mental Games All-Start Summit
- Over coming the "Yips" 
- Faith and Peak Performance.  
Justin Haire:  Campbell U. Baseball Coach
-How to build a brotherhood.  
-How to win consistently.
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Legendary Coach Chaffin and Jason Reunite!
-The game then vs. now.
-Advice for long term success.
-What really matters. ​
A Powerful Episode with MLB Player Brett Carroll.
-How to hit a homerun off of Randy Johnson.
-Teaching Player in the modern era.
-Finding God in dark times.  
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-BUD/S  and Wartime Leadership
-Transition from SEAL to Entrepreneur.
-Advice for Starting a Business.  
-#2 National Ranking / 46 Game Win Streak
-Leadership and Player Development.  
-Beyond the Baseball Field.
He was told learning disabilities would keep him graduating college and too small to play professional baseball.  He overcame the odds becoming a NCAA American and 12 years in professional baseball
MLB Player Michael McKenry and former Navy SEAL Jason Kuhn discuss how they overcame the adversities faced in their personal and professional lives while providing advice for others how to thrive in tough times.
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MLB Player Michael McKenry and former Navy SEAL Jason Kuhn discuss the yips.  What is it?  Why does it happen?  How to recover.  Please share with anyone struggling with the yips!