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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other team building programs? 

Stonewall was created by athletes for athletes.   When Jason returned home in the fall of 2014 , athletic programs and professional athletes began asking if he would work with them on mental toughness.  The skills we teach are not theory learned in a classroom but rather, based in experience from either high level athletic competition, Navy SEAL Training, or combat.  We've lived everything we teach and prove our principles using examples of real world application with an ability to translate the skills used on the battlefield to athletic field.  This creates "buy in" from the players and keeps the curriculum retainable.  

We only work in mental toughness and team culture.  We do not do security or other off-shoot services  and are dedicate

How do we keep the training going after you leave? 

How long does the program take?

Have you had any injuries?  

How much does it cost?

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