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The Fundamentals of Winning Program

Culture.  Mental Toughness.  Results


Philosophy:  In special operations we were effective due to our ability to execute fundamentals under extreme stress. No matter what was going on around us, we focused on what could affect and worked the problem.

We demanded perfection of everything within our control including mechanics, mindset, and culture. Mastering how we do, how we think, and how we treat each other eliminates the variables to competition and maximizes potential. 

Maximizing potential was our standard.  A relentless pursuit of that standard created trust and a desire to fight FOR EACH OTHER when it mattered most.  Competitive environments differ, but the fundamentals of winning are the same.  

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Max Preps #1 in Nation
Workbooks for sustainment.

Application Drills


Follow classroom training with education through application.  In athletics, we learn the mechanics of how to hit, throw, and tackle in class then through practice. 
In the same way, special operations training was incredibly effective in teaching us how to execute our mechanical, mental, and cultural processes under competitive stress through application prior to deployment.  Our program extracts relevant training principles to practice intangible skills prior to the season.
Players learn to execute under pressure by competing with consequence for failure, focus through distraction and  placed in unfair situations to intentionally invoke disappointment and learn valuable response to bad calls and common adversities faced during a season.    
Team captains are placed in pro-active roles and players learn how to create process improvement through failure and come together at the end to compete as one team, one fight for their alma mater in the Tire Flip Challenge.
This is not a judgement, extremely military themed, or exhausting.  It is a detailed program program designed to increase performance through a positive approach customized to your specific team dynamics.
Although challenging, players are mentored the entire time.  Developed by members who were blessed to work at some of the highest levels in special operations and were prior athletes.  Every skill learned is translated to game situations.
"Absolutely first class, one of the best team building exercises I've ever seen."
"I 100% endorse this training system."
 -University of Houston Baseball
-Brian Cain Peak Performance Sports Psychologist
#1 International Best Selling Author

The Tire Flip Challenge 

Compete across the nation for the best time! 
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College Title
Lee University Baseball: 1.24
GT Softball:  1.51.00
High School Title
Riverdale Warriors Baseball: 1.30.36
Appling County W. Soccer: 2.21.00

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Fundamental 1: Confidence

Confidence is certainty.  Certainty is gained through trust.  Place less trust in critics and the odds, and more trust in your preparation, each other, and your purpose.  Winners know who they are, what they want, and why they want it.  Learn to drown the critics and have the courage to face the odds by focusing on "why" not "if".  

Fundamental 2: Commitment

Commitment is a decision to discipline ourselves to fundamental principle in the face of uncontrollable circumstance.  Desire fuels discipline.  Discipline is the road to reach desire.  

Fundamental 3: Mental Toughness

Reflection from a gunfight:  Mental Toughness is the ability to interrupt the cause and effect cycle and insert thought and action that produce value, regardless of what is justified by circumstance.  Learn the value of adversity and how to thrive in it with organic confidence in any situation.

Fundamental 4: The Team First Mind

Brotherhood doesn't mean we always agree.  It means we set aside our differences to serve a greater cause.  No one is ever than the mission.  Learn the individual performance value in service to each other.  

Fundamental 5: Leadership

A helicopter crash placed Jason in early position of leadership.   Learn combat tested fundamentals of leadership designed to create autonomous player leaders who own results and proactively take charge. 

Fundamental 6: Communication

Developing relationships and creating connection may be the most important element of culture and performance. Learn to attack problems not people and fundamental principles to calm and confident on-field communication.

Fundamental 7: Desire to Win.

Learn how to create an organic motivation each and every day to absolutely crush the competition with an unchanging standard.  The pro-active vs. reactive mind.  

Fundamental 8: High Pressure Performance

The heart starts racing...learn a 3 step mental checklist to regaining composure and produce confidence prior to execution.  Developed with a MLB player.  Works prior to at bats, field goals, final plays etc... 

Fundamental 9: Failure Analyzation

Don't waste your pain.  A unique approach to processing failure by a guy who has failed over and over again. Failure exists necessarily in an effort to increase ability.   It is an opportunity to make ourselves better.  We must embrace what we hate as tool. 

Fundamental 10: Never Quit

Break big things into small pieces.  Learn the mentalities of those who made it through Navy SEAL training vs. those who did not.  One critical step changed my life.  Quitting is not unethical.  It's also not worth it.  Do the next right thing.  

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