Shark Swim

March 8, 2019

 First, we watched videos of shark attacks.  Next, we had fish blood poured on us.  Then we swam...a mile, at night through an area known for sharks.


We were 2 weeks away from graduating SEAL Training.  Too close to quit now.  We were 23 left of an original 135 men and tough.  But I tonight, I was scared. 


I don't remember hearing anyone speak as we ran to the start point.  Until I heard my buddy.  


With a smile on his face, he started shouting The Lord's Prayer.  One after the other, we joined. 


Fear was replaced with unity and aggression. Smiles began to appear with shouts of determined excitement.  


This happened because one man shifted focus off himself and onto his teammates.  


He didn't just get through it.  He lead through it.  The prayer was his authentic way of inspiring.  


You're going to get eaten by a shark or your not.  The choice is whether the swim will be terrifying or exhilarating.  


Life is full of high pressure moments.  We succeed and fail.  But the choice is the same, they can be terrifying or exhilarating.  


Pressure is what we allow it to be.  We can't control outcomes, but we can influence through response.  We can quit, drift, or engage.  


Engage. Our legacy is built not in avoidance, but in engagement of uncertainty.  


Focus on what you can affect.  Be thankful.  Lead others.  Die hard.  


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