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In special operations, we NEVER LEAVE OUR SWIM BUDDY.  We care more about our swim buddy's life than we do our own.  I value my clients success in the same way.  


The wars following 9/11 have provided a unique opportunity for special operators to return home forged with mental toughness principles proven in an arena where performance had life and death consequence. 


Learn combat tested principles from  those who have lived what they teach.  It's not the latest 3 step process to the next bag of magic beans...It's a champions lifestyle of discipline and tremendous reward.  

Individual Performance Training:  Athletes, Corporate CEO's,  Coaches.

  • -Master The Fundamentals of Winning Curriculum.

  • -Operate with confidence in high stress environments.

  • -Full time access, weekly meetings, private videos, a trusted "behind the scenes" source.

Garrett Jones

Major League Baseball Player

"Now Jones plays loose, relaxed, and in the moment...Cashman, though, was puzzled about the origins of Jones’s recent success. “I can’t tell you what I attribute it to,” he said.  Perhaps Jason, and the other soldiers Jones has met, can."


-NY Times Sports

Michael McKenry

Major League Baseball Player

" Do yourself a favor and get connected with him.  Soak in every single detail you can.  This has helped me in more ways than just on the field, and I continue to apply what I have learned on a daily basis."


Major League Baseball Player

"Thank you so much.  This has been truly life changing."

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"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another"  
-Proverbs 27:17