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In special operations, we NEVER LEAVE OUR SWIM BUDDY.  We care more about our swim buddy's life than we do our own.  I value my clients success in the same way.  


The wars following 9/11 have provided a unique opportunity for special operators to return home with experience based lessons in mental toughness and leadership development forged through two decades in an arena where performance had life and death consequences. 


Learn combat tested principles from those who have lived what they teach.  It's not the latest 3 step process to the next bag of psychobabble. It's a champion's lifestyle of discipline and tremendous reward taught by those who've been there. There is but one rule, it pays to be a winner.  


Individual Performance Training:  Athletes, Business Leaders, Coaches, Young Adults

  • Master The Fundamentals of Winning Curriculum.

  • Operate with confidence in high stress environments.

  • Full time access, weekly meetings, private videos, a trusted "behind the scenes" source.

Jason is considered by many to be the best performance coach in the country. He works with corporate CEO's, business leaders and top tier athletes operating in high stress environments. He also provides mentorship to young adults looking for guidance in an increasingly difficult world. He consults on specific challenges of life unique to the client and works them through The Fundamentals of Winning one lesson at a time until mastery is achieved. 

Private mentorship is a deep dive into the curriculum with life changing results according to tesimonials. Lessons provide more depth and guidance than a public keynote presentation. 

For information on training with Jason on yips relief, visit

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another"  
-Proverbs 27:17


"I've learned a lot from him and applied it to my game. He has the tools to help anyone who is willing to learn how to win.  Our training together was featured in The NY Times after it produced tremendous results for me on the field."

MLB Player Garrett Jones

"Jason Kuhn changed my perspective on life, on everything. From the point that I started working with him, the goal of getting back to the Big Leagues became realistic. He saved my career."

2021 World Series Champion Tyler Matzek

Jason and Tyler's work together was covered in Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, ESPN and several other major media outlets.


Read Tyler's incredible comeback story here:

 "How Tyler Matzek..."


"Do yourself a favor and get connected with him. Soak in every single detail you can. This has helped me perform well in both life and on the field, and I continue to apply what I have learned on a daily basis."

MLB Player Michael McKenry

Young Adult Mentorship

"The impact on my family has been life changing. The phenomenal success is incredible. Thank you!"

Michael Grondahl

Co-Founder of Planet Fitness

Corporate Leaders Mentorship


I highly recommend Jason as a  coach for any organization looking to build better people and improve the way people work together. His experiences as an elite Navy SEAL, combined with his ability to explain ideals in a thoughtful and compelling way, make him an excellent choice to help any organization. He has made our organization better at working in teams and each of us mentally tougher and better able to handle the stress of our work.

Phil Taub Managing Partner Nixon Peabody LLP

tim _edited.png

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jason Kuhn for over four years. I would highly recommend him to any organization that is looking to improve their leadership, teamwork, or ability to execute the fundamentals of winning. He is a skilled motivational speaker and trainer, whose knowledge and life experiences can easily be applied to the corporate environment."

Tim McGrath CEO Connection IT


"Jason is a must engagement for any organization. The message contained real world processes from a Navy SEAL that every businesses needs. We are focused, energized and ready to embrace any challenge. He makes people better."

Ryan Isaacs Arthur J Gallagher & Co

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